What Clothing Do I Need In cricket?

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What Clothing Do I Need In cricket?

  • Spikes
  • Socks
  • White Trousers
  • Batting pants/underwear
  • White Cricket Shirt
  • Under-layer/jumper
  • Hat (Baseball, Baggy or Rimmed)
  • Sunglasses (depending on weather)

Cricket Spikes

Spikes are white sports shoes with metal spikes on the sole to ensure no slipping when playing. There are many different versions of spikes: some specifically for bowling, while some are predominantly for batting. Injuries can occur when not wearing spikes as slipping on the floor is a common occurrence if the field is wet.

How much do cricket spikes cost?

The average price ranges from about £30-£100 depending on quality.

Where can I buy cricket spikes from?

Many online retail shops, including All-rounder but also high street shops such as Sports Direct.

White Cricket Spikes on grass

Cricket Socks

White socks are commonly used, however grip socks have been used by many professionals because it increases traction and omits slippage in the spikes. The colour white is necessary because the rest of the kit is the same colour so no colour clashes are apparent.

How much do cricket socks cost?

For normal white socks the price ranges from: £1-£5

For grip socks/cricket-specific socks the price ranges from: £8-£30

Where can I buy cricket grip socks?

Companies such as Gain the edge and Foot Grip provide grip socks, but there are many more on the market.

White trousers

Long white cricket trousers a staple of the cricketing outfit (whites) and need to be well fitting to ensure the player can run easily. They have pockets at the waist and a drawstring to tighten if needed.

How much do cricket trousers cost?

Range from £15 – £60, depending on the quality and also embroidery.

How to clean cricket trousers?

If grass stains are visible, use cleaning agents such as: Laundry detergent and water, white vinegar and lemon juice. Mix white vinegar and washing up liquid plus water equally then soak the liquid into the stain and leave for a few minutes. After cleaning place in a machine wash on a high temperature to ensure fully cleaned.

Where can I buy cricket trousers?

Sports Direct and other cricket retailers such as All-Rounder.

White cricket trousers

Cricket underwear

When batting in cricket it is necessary to wear protection from the ball hitting you. Cricket underwear allows the padding and cricket box to sit in the correct place to allow the best protection by having pockets in the best positions. The box (made from high-density plastic) protects the crotch from high impact, and the batting pads are positioned on the inside and outside of the thighs. As an affordable option, a player could wear two pairs of pants.

How much does cricket underwear cost?

Prices range from £5-£50. Here are some cricket pants on sale at Sports Direct.

White cricket shirt

The cricket top often has the team on the chest and shows who you play for. It can either be short or long-sleeved, but wicket keepers often prefer a long sleeve to reduce abrasion to the elbows. It is always a collared shirt and it is made from cotton, polyester, spandex and wool and is breathable to reduce sweat.

How much does a cricket shirt cost?

Prices range from £13-£40 depending if you purchase from Sports Direct or your team.

White cricket shirt

Under-layer/Cricket Jumper

A cricket jumper or an under-layer/thermal is often used in cricket when it is slightly colder. They would be white because it matches with the rest of the kit and either go underneath the cricket shirt or over it. The base-layer/thermal can help with protection as there will be no abrasion if the arms hit the ground.

How much do cricket under-layers cost?

Prices range from £11-£50 depending on the brand and size of the under-layer.

How much do cricket jumpers cost?

Prices range from £8.50-£40 depending on the size and quality of the material.

Cricket Hat

A cricket hat is commonly used in fielding to shield eyes from the sun as you will often be looking into the sky if the ball is hit upwards. The cricket hat will often have the club’s crest on the front of it to represent the team. You could choose to sport: a baseball cap, a rimmed hat or a baggy hat.

How much does a cricket hat cost?

The prices can range from £10-£30 as sizes, designs and materials vary.

Cricket Sunglasses

Sunglasses are often worn in cricket games when it is difficult to see the ball in the sun. A tight-to-the-head pair of sunglasses are preferred rather than loose-fitting sunglasses because it is more practical.

How much do cricket sunglasses cost?

The prices can range from £3-£80 depending on the quality and brand

Whilst there is a large list of items to wear in cricket, you only have to wear a cricket shirt and cricket whites in order to play. You can get away with wearing white trainers, multicoloured socks, and no hats as these aren’t required. If you would like to learn more about the basic rules of cricket, check out this guide created by the ECB.

If you are interested in joining our cricket team, please feel free to get in touch with us and we will be happy to help get you started.