What Equipment Do I Need To Bat In Cricket?

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Batting Equipment

  • Batting Spikes
  • Batting Pads
  • Box
  • Batting Pants
  • Thigh/Hip/Chest Pad
  • Inners
  • Gloves
  • Helmet/Hat
  • Bat

Batting Spikes

Previously mentioned in another FAQ piece about what clothing to wear in cricket, cricket spikes make an appearance in the list for batters to use. The difference between normal spikes and batting spikes is that the ‘spikes’ on the heel of the foot are removed for batting spikes. This is to enable the batter to have enough grip to comfortably play shots whilst being able to run up and down the wicket. There have been instances of batters injuring themselves whilst trying to smash a ball or slipping when running down the wicket because they haven’t been wearing spikes.

How much do batting spikes cost?

Depending on size, quality and brand, batting spikes can cost between £30-£120

Where can I buy batting spikes from?

There are hundreds of retailers online and on the high street that offer batting spikes. As a club, we use All Rounder who provides all of our kit for our senior and junior teams.

White Cricket Spikes on grass

Batting Pads

Batting pads are used in cricket to protect the batter’s legs from getting hit by the ball. They are made of foam to help absorb the impact of the ball hitting the leg. They start from the ankle and finish above the knee as these are the most common areas of the body to get hit whilst batting.

How much do batting pads cost?

If you are looking for an affordable batting pad, you can get a new pair ranging from £20-£30

For a higher quality pad, they can range from £50-£150

Where can I buy batting pads from?

There are loads of websites that provide a wide range of batting pads but some notable places are: All Rounder, Sports Direct & Cricket Direct

Slazenger cricket pads

Cricket Box

A box is designed to protect the nether region in case a ball were to hit it. It is a piece of plastic shaped like a round isosceles triangle for maximum comfort and protection of the meat and two veg.

How much do cricket box’s cost?

Cricket box’s are very cheap as they are only a small bit of plastic. You can get one for around £5-£10.

Gray-nicolls cricket box

Batting Pants

Batting pants are made to securely hold the box so that it does not get loose and fall out whilst playing. There is a pouch at the front of the pouch, much like a marsupial pouch but instead of holding a baby, it holds the box.

How much do batting pants cost?

Batting underwear costs from around £10-£20. However, for those wanting to save their money, a lot of cricketers wear 2 pairs of normal pants and put the box in between to keep it secure.

Thigh/Hip/Chest Pads

Thigh/hip/chest pads are not very common in local cricket games as these pieces are aimed at professional cricket as the pace and bounce from village bowling isn’t as quick compared to 70mph+ bowlers. However, they do allow the batter to have a little more confidence in playing shots as they know that they won’t get hurt as much if they miss the ball.

How much do thigh pads cost?

Cheap thigh pads can cost from £5-£15 with higher quality ones costing £20-£40.

How much do hip pads cost?

Hip pads are slightly more expensive than thigh pads with prices ranging from £30-£50.

How much do chest pads cost?

Chest pads can cost around £15-£35 depending on size, material and brand.

Inner gloves

Inner gloves are used by wicketkeepers, but a lot of batters use them too. They are designed to provide more comfort whilst wearing batting gloves and soak up sweat so that you do not lose any grip while holding the bat.

How much do inner gloves cost?

Inner batting gloves can cost from £3-£10.

White wicketkeeper inner gloves

Batting Gloves

Batting gloves have 2 purposes: One is to protect the hands from injury as the cricket ball can hit them. The second purpose is to provide comfort and grip to the hand as holding onto the cricket bat with force can hurt the skin on the hands.

How much do batting gloves cost?

Batting gloves can cost around £20-£80 depending on size, materials and brand.

Hunts County cricket gloves


A cricket helmet is probably the most important piece of protective equipment for a batter as it protects the head from any ball impact. It has a metal grill on the front so that you can see what is in front of you whilst not letting a ball through. In professional cricket, a helmet is very important (less so when facing spin). However, some batters are comfortable with not wearing a helmet and instead choose a regular cricket hat to provide shade for the eyes if it is too sunny. This page from the ECB (England & Wales Cricket Board) provides more information regarding wearing helmets in cricket.

How much does a cricket helmet cost?

Cricket helmets can cost between £20-£80 depending on size, materials and brand.

How much does a cricket hat cost?

The prices can range from £10-£30 as sizes, designs and materials vary.

GM Blue cricket helmet

Cricket Bat

The cricket bat is THE most important piece of equipment that a batter needs in order to play cricket, otherwise, how will you score runs? Cricket bats come in a variety of weights, shapes and sizes. This useful bat size guide will tell you what to get for a junior and a senior. There are 2 cricket bat materials: Kashmir and English willow. Kashmir is a much lower quality bat compared to English willow. For kids starting their cricket career, Kashmir is a fair choice to get but the higher up in age, it is recommended that all use English willow.

How much do cricket bats cost?

Below are prices for junior and senior cricket bats.

Junior Cricket Bat (on average)

  • Cheap junior cricket bat: £20
  • Average junior cricket bat: £53
  • Expensive junior cricket bat: £185

Senior Cricket Bat (on average)

  • Cheap senior cricket bat: £49
  • Average senior cricket bat: £140
  • Expensive senior cricket bat: £750

Hopefully, this guide has helped you to understand what pieces of equipment you need in order to start your batting career. If you are interested in signing yourself or your child/children up for some cricket, get in touch with us and we will be happy to accommodate.