Help Ovo out! Club weekend on Saturday

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Help Ovo out! Club weekend on Saturday

Men standing on rubble and mud

The Seniors are organising a “Cricketforce” weekend in order to do some essential maintenance of the pavilion and other ground equipment, pencilled in for Saturday 2nd April from around 9am – midday and potentially, progress dependent, Sunday 3rd April at similar timings. All who are able to are welcome to help!

In years gone past, the Cricketforce weekend was a designated day in the calendar where the ECB would encourage all clubs to get their facilities ready for the season ahead on a specific weekend. It was a great opportunity to catch up after the winter break, spruce up the facilities and give us plenty of time before the campaign starts to tidy up. You also got a free t-shirt.

A previous Cricketforce weekend photo, back in 2013. Nothing as involved ground wise this time, thankfully!

We have missed the designated ECB Weekend for 2022 – oops. But there’s still time to help us out. We can’t provide a t-shirt like the ECB used to, but you can still make a difference. Some tasks scheduled for this year include decoration of dressing rooms, construction of the batting cage tidying up of the other areas of the pavilion and more. Nothing too arduous and won’t take too long.

The Batting Cage is something that does require a fair few volunteers to help with, otherwise the task gets difficult. We had a great response to taking the cage down towards the end of last season one evening, and it would be great to see a similar turnout on Saturday morning.

If you have your own safety gloves, as well as any other protective equipment you might wish to wear, then please bring your own.

If anyone is able to help, even for a couple of hours, it would be greatly appreciated. We would advise parking on Knavesmire Road due to parking restrictions on Albemarle Road, although expect it to be busy due to the Parkrun.

If you have any further questions, please contact Alan Fletcher, Tom Irwin or Luke Smith. Alternatively, drop us a message on Facebook.

See you on Saturday!